Youth State Election Platform

Young people in Whittlesea are committed to having a voice at the Victorian State Government election.

Approximately 300 young people aged between 12 and 18 years who either live or study in the municipality have provided their opinions on major issues that need to be addressed by the next State Government.

These opinions form our Youth Election Platform and will be made available to candidates standing in the November state election.

What young people want the next Victorian Government to address

1. Domestic Violence

2. Public Transport

3. Public Education

4. Mental Health

5. Homelessness

Local the young people would like their elected representatives to find solutions for

1. Improved bus routes and timetabling - connecting buses to train stations

2. Bullying - e.g. education in schools regarding the impacts of bullying behaviour

3. Mental health services that are easily accessible

4. Measures to reduce gambling in the City of Whittlesea

5. Improved sporting grounds and facilities


Policy areas are based on consultation with the City of Whittlesea Youth Equity Strategy & YACVic’s 2018 State Election Survey. The City of Whittlesea encompasses the State Electoral Districts of Yan Yean, Mill Park, Thomastown & Bundoora. Consultations that informed this document took place over August & September 2018.
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