Light Box Gallery

If you are creative, live in the municipality, aged between 12 - 24 years old and are interested in exhibiting your artwork, then this opportunity could be for you.

The Light Box Gallery Project is a series of light boxes located at EDGE Services For Young People – the home of Baseline For Young People to support young artists to show their artwork, free of charge for a four month period, for solo or group exhibitions.

The light boxes are different to a traditional gallery. We offer guidance and a chance to learn about exhibiting your work in a professional setting. A staff member will work with you to set up your show from start to end while you build on your skills as emerging artists.

We aim to show as many people as possible our local contemporary youth artist working with new and exciting mediums.

We are currently taking submissions to be considered. Please down load our brochure for more information.

Light Box Gallery
Light Box Gallery

This brochure provides important information on the Light Box Gallery project which can be download.

For more information contact 9404 8800 or email