Youth Federal Election Platform

City of Whittlesea Youth Election Platform for the 2016 Australian Federal Election

This Election platform outlines the opinions on policy issues and expectations of more than 100 young people aged 12 to 24 years living or studying in the City of Whittlesea. They were consulted by the Council in May 2016 to inform the creation of this platform.

With this platform we aim to communicate the voice of young people to the candidates in the Federal Electoral Divisions of McEwen and Scullin during the pre-election period for their consideration. The elected Members of Parliament are also encouraged to use this platform in their work throughout the life of the 45th Parliament.

Top 10 specific issues concerning young people

1. Healthcare, disability and mental health services

2. Marriage equality and LGBTQI rights

3. Youth wages and workplace conditions

4. Family violence

5. Refugees and asylum seekers

6. Climate change and global warming

7. School funding

8. Cost of living

9. Housing affordability and availability

10. University fee deregulation


Policy areas young people listed as most important to them:

1. Crime and Safety

2. Health

3. Education

4. Social Justice

5. Home and Living


Young people want their local member to address and find solutions for the following issues:

1. Legalise marriage equality

2. More mental health services in the area

3. More employment opportunities for young people

4. Traffic congestion, particularly in Mernda, Doreen and Thomastown

5. Climate change/global warming


Policy areas and issues based on the Youth Action and Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth 2016 Federal Election Survey.

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