Rainbow Tick Accreditation

The Rainbow Tick provides a quality improvement framework for services to identify and adopt inclusive practices and become more responsive to the health and wellbeing needs of LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities.

The Rainbow Tick was developed with LGBTIQ+ consumers who have said this is the standard that they expect for services. Organisations that gain the Rainbow Tick are demonstrating their commitment and ability to deliver LGBTIQ+ inclusive services and to continuously review and improve 

Rainbow Tick consists of six standards against which services can be fromally accredited to demonstarte LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice and service delivery. Rainbow Tick is a world first and provides a best practice benchmark for LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice against which organisations are independently assessed.

Each of the standards is accompanied by its own set of quality based indicators that organisations can use to gauge how well their current systems, practices and protocols are meeting the intent of the standard. 

The six standards are;

1. Organisational capability

2. Workforce development

3. Consumer participation

4. A welcoming and accessible organisation

5. Disclosure and documentation

6. Culturally safe and acceptable services