Baseline for Young People

Baseline For Young People is City of Whittlesea's Youth Services Team. Providing programs, events and projects that young people can get involved in.

Baseline For Young People's core business is concerned with all aspects of young people’s development. Our work has a prevention, early intervention and capacity building focus and works with young people aged 10 to 25 years. Providing support and advocacy for the needs of young people providing for their rights, wellbeing and assistance in fulfilling their aspirations.  It acknowledges the importance of young people’s connectedness to significant people in their lives, including: family, teachers, friends, youth specific workers and the community. Focusing on supporting and affirming young people through the transition from childhood to adulthood.  Baseline For Young People subscribe to the principles of Youth Work as outlined in the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria’s Code of Ethical Practice. We work towards enabling and ensuring:

• Engagement and inclusion of all young people

• The voice of young people is heard

• The safety of young people

• Respect for young people’s human dignity and worth

• Young people’s connectedness to important people in their lives, such as family and community

• Positive health and wellbeing outcomes for young people

• Positive transitions and healthy development of young people

• Social justice for young people 


For more information contact Baseline for Young People 9404 8800 or email